A dysfunctional family comedy centering on two disillusioned adults who move back to their hometown and attempt to stave off adulthood by forming a mixed doubles Olympic curling team. Together they vow to bring home the gold. Not for glory, not for honor, but to spite their mutual nemesis.

Produced by Abominable Pictures, and starring Ryan Hansen, Noel Wells, Allan McLeod, and Illeana Douglas, Semi-Charmed Life is a half-hour comedy I created in 2015. You may wonder, "How did this joker get to create a TV pilot starring actual celebrities?” I wrote about the experience here and you can peruse the show's IMDB page for proof that I'm not a big, dumb liar.

After Judd Casper is unceremoniously dumped, he joins a support group for Codependents Anonymous and meets a cast of characters struggling in their relationships, or the lack thereof. A single-camera dramedy, Misery Loves Company explores the many different facets of love, dating, and heartbreak.

Grace Caldwell's life devolves into chaos when she inadvertently inspires one of the most famous people in the world, renowned socialite Oliver Kennington, to leave behind his privileged yet unfulfilling world of luxury to pursue a normal life out of the spotlight.


Two disillusioned friends on the wrong side of twenty-five own and operate a moderately successful lemonade stand in Brooklyn, New York.

Professionally and personally floundering, Archie Wexler is persuaded by an exceedingly optimistic old acquaintance, Hazel Dobson, to pose as her boyfriend in an attempt to break up their exes' relationship when a formerly tight-knit group of high school friends reunite for a weekend wedding.