Starring Ryan Hansen, Noel Wells, Allan McLeod, and Illeana Douglas, Semi-Charmed Life is a half-hour comedy I created with Abominable Pictures back in 2015. You may be wondering, "How did this joker get to create a TV pilot starring actual celebrities?” I wrote about the experience here and you can peruse the show's IMDB page for proof that I'm not a big, dumb liar.

The series follows Grover Foster, a mildly successful actor forced to return to his quirky small town after losing all of his money in a poker game to former That ‘70s Show star Topher Grace. Once home, he reluctantly begins working for his father, who is now happily married to Grover’s high school girlfriend. Do hijinks ensue? You bet!

Becoming a TV writer has always been my ultimate goal, and Semi-Charmed Life afforded me that opportunity. The whole experience, which kinda felt like I was attending a TV writer fantasy camp, exceeded expectations. It’s a time of my life I’ll always look back on with the fondest of memories. You could almost say it was a semi-charmed kinda experi... no. NO. You're better than that, Josh.

I mean, not much better. But slightly better.