The Tale Of A Dashed TV Pilot Dream And What It Can Teach You About Life

After writing 14 pilots, hundreds of sketches, and 10,000 hours of blog posts, I was miraculously afforded the opportunity to turn my half-hour comedy script into a 22-minute pilot. 


I Texted The Word ‘Bosch’ To 100 People To See What Would Happen

Few television shows have brought me as much unmitigated joy as Amazon’s Bosch. Now, to be fair, I’ve never seen an entire episode of Bosch… or any Bosch at all, really. But I’m genuinely happy that it exists.

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7 Surprising Excerpts From The Fake "Saved By The Bell" Oral History Book

We shouldn't be asking "Did 'Saved by the Bell' deserve the Nobel Peace Prize?" the more germane question is, "Did the Nobel Peace Prize deserve 'Saved by the Bell?'"

How I Forgave Rob Lowe For Ruining My Life And Embraced The Brilliance Of ‘The Grinder’

Why did a new FOX show starring Rob Lowe as a television lawyer who returns to his hometown to practice law at his family’s firm make me so angry? Because I was in the process of developing a different television series about an actor who returns to his hometown with FOX.

Here Is What Happens When You Listen To Spin Doctors’ ‘Two Princes’ 100-Straight Times

I have decided to listen to Spin Doctors’ single “Two Princes” 100-straight times, and document the results. That’s more than seven straight hours of dizzying Spin Doctors mayhem. Will I go insane? Will I have an epiphany? Will I inadvertently become the Louis Pasteur of ’90s pop?


25 Comedy Writers Pick Their Most Influential TV Episodes

We had no idea what to expect when we reached out to 25 successful comedy professionals and asked them to write about the TV episode that inspired them to pursue a career in comedy. Their responses were passionate, insightful, nostalgic, and emblematic of the fact that inspiration comes in all forms. Were they motivated by a character? A concept? A clever turn of phrase? We’re presenting their answers to you in full, in their own words.


How Did Shawn Hunter Sneak Into The Super Bowl? The Creator Of ‘Boy Meets World’ Reveals The Answer To A 20-Year Mystery

I’ve always been drawn to the seedy world inhabited by private eyes. Cracking cases, following unsavory characters to the horse races, drinking during the day, the life of a hard-boiled detective possessed a rare blend of degenerate and dignity that appealed to me. Unfortunately, that dream never morphed into reality, mostly because I don’t look good in a trench coat and am routinely confused by puzzles and general trickery. Maybe I’ll never solve a murder or get to say the world ‘dame’ while pretending I like cigars, but there’s one mystery I’m more than equipped to solve: The confounding case of how Shawn Hunter got into Super Bowl 32.


The 57 Best Jokes From Happy Endings

Over the past month, I’ve rewatched all 57 episodes of the cult ABC sitcom Happy Endings. Premiering in 2011, David Caspe’s Chicago-set series followed the dysfunctional misadventures of six best friends (and certified weirdos) as they navigated the choppy waters of adulthood in an immensely fun and incredibly bizarre manner. To many viewers, Happy Endings was just another sitcom; ABC’s attempt at recreating the once-in-a-lifetime magic of Friends. But to a small but passionate subset of comedy nerds, Happy Endings was anything but a typical show. Armed with a dizzying arsenal of offbeat jokes, the sitcom possessed an unrivaled comedic bravado, stuffing each episode with as much humor as humanly possible.


A Brief Ode To The Coolest Pop Culture Trope In History: Edgy Backwards Chair Sitting

It’s difficult to capture the ineffable essence of the term “cool.” Much like talent or art, “coolness” is a quality that’s impossible to adequately define with words, but you know it when you see it. Throughout history, writers have tried to bring this elusive characteristic to life in pop culture via shallow trickery and spiritless hokum. Sure, a leather jacket or a dogeared copy of Catcher in the Rye helps cultivate an image of carefree insouciance, but they reek of the chic-repellent known as effort. If it’s the intoxicating whiff of organic coolness you crave, there’s only one way to achieve this exclusive apex of social strata: Edgy Backwards Chair Sitting.


HBO’s Andre the Giant Documentary Tries To Reconcile The Attraction Vs. The Man

Premiering tonight on HBOAndre the Giant is a riveting tale of humanity dropped into the deliberately deceptive world of professional wrestling. A joint effort from HBO Sports and the WWE (and executive produced by 30 for 30 co-creator Bill Simmons), the film is an engaging 85-minutes of television. The enigmatic Andre the Giant is a documentarian’s dream.


An Ode To Chad Michael Murray, Television’s Best Squinter

Squinting: Anyone with two eyes and a heart can do it, but only one man has truly mastered the arcane art of the flawless steely scowl: Chad Michael Murray. From somewhere between six and 150 seasons, Murray portrayed angsty John Steinbeck enthusiast Lucas Scott on the WB/CW series One Tree Hill. For the uninitiated, OTHcentered on two quarreling half-brothers — Lucas and Nathan Scott — who were forced to co-exist in the small, basketball-obsessed town of Tree Hill, a quaint hamlet that holds the dubious distinction of yielding the most kidnappings per capita of any community in the history of human existence.


Is Netflix’s ‘Wild Wild Country’ Better Than Will Smith’s ‘Wild Wild West’? 


On March 16, 2018, the six-part docuseries Wild Wild Country premiered on Netflix. Executive produced by Mark and Jay Duplass, the engrossing series tells the unbelievable true story of a controversial cult leader who galvanizes his followers to build a utopian city in the Oregon desert. What follows is a nuanced look at a number of complex issues that pose myriad questions of intellectual and spiritual importance, but is it “better” than its spiritual predecessor Wild Wild West, a film about two kinda cowboys saving the president from a massive futuristic spider?


‘Kangaroo Jack’… Why?

Fifteen years ago today, the buddy-action crime comedy Kangaroo Jack hopped its way into movie theaters. Produced by Jerry Bruckheimer and starring Jerry O’ConnellAnthony Anderson, and a rambunctious kangaroo named Jack, the film went on to earn over $88 million at the box office as well as a reputation for being an easy punchline. Sure, you can dismiss Kangaroo Jack — a film Las Vegas Weekly’s Josh Bell called “a bizarre experiment in kangaroo torture”— as a 24/7 all-you-can-eat smorgasbord of disaster, but there’s a segment of our population who enjoy the antics of not only Kangaroo Jack but also Human Anthony Anderson and Human Jerry O’Connell.


So Has Prince Harry Ever Seen ‘Suits’ Or What?

On August 9, 1974, the fallout from the Watergate scandal forced Richard Milhous Nixon to resign as President of the United States. Then, for a little over 40 years, nothing really happened. Now, on the heels of the blessed union of souls between Prince Harry and Meghan Markleanother scandal equal to or perhaps even greater than Watergate threatens to subsume the world in controversy: Is Prince Harry or perhaps the Royal Family attempting to cover-up the fact that he was a fan of the hit USA series Suits BEFORE meeting Meghan Markle?


'Playing House' Is The Funniest Comedy On TV

Whenever I’m at a party or attending an edge-of-your-seat professional bull riding event at Madison Square Garden, people tend to ask me for TV recommendations once they discover that I cover pop culture for a living. When this happens, I always have the same answer locked and loaded: “I’m off the clock, buster. Mind your own beeswax.” Once I have a drink or the exhilarating thrill of sharing the same air as the fiercest bucking bulls on the planet wears off, I always suggest streaming the straight-up funniest comedy on television: USA’s Playing House.


Conspiracy Theory: Coach Gordon Bombay Probably Poisoned A Rival Youth Hockey Team In ‘The Mighty Ducks’

Everything I’ve ever believed in has been a boldface lie.

A Bunch of Adults Let Two Teens Fight To The Death In ‘Karate Kid 2’

My first pop-culture memory is being petrified of the music video for A-ha’s “Take On Me.” Norwegian synthpop and comic books coming to life? No. Hard pass. Thanks for the years of night terrors, NORWAY. But my first positive pop-culture memory is watching The Karate Kid.


Why Mark Duplass Decided To Sing REO Speedwagon On ‘The Comedy Jam’

Mark Duplass can belt out a version of REO Speedwagon’s seminal ’80s anthem “Can’t Fight This Feeling” that’s downright Spotify worthy, which isn’t that surprising considering the actor’s rock and roll roots. 

So THAT Happened: A Dog Straight-Up Ate Dan Scott’s Transplant Heart On ‘One Tree Hill’

There’s just no way to adequately prepare you for what you’re about to watch. I suggest you call the person you hold nearest to your heart, tell them you love them, and then join me on a journey from which you will never fully recover. Welcome to the television enigma known as One Tree Hill.

Decider Vs. Rotten Tomatoes: Does ‘Cocktail’ Really Suck?

Rotten Tomatoes’ Tomatometer has given the 1988 film Cocktail an abysmal 5% rating. FIVE PERCENT!? If Cocktail was a student who took a test on state capitals, it would’ve only answered Georgia, Pennsylvania, and half of Missouri correctly!

‘Jurassic Park’ Is Overrated: Don’t @ Me

For years I’ve stood idly by as friends, co-workers, and strangers I’m eavesdropping on at the Natural History Museum prattle on and on about how Jurassic Park is one of the greatest films of all time. But you know what? That’s simply not true.

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